Conditions Of Use


1.1. Please read the below written conditionsin order to use this website (hereinafter will be referred to as the "SITE"). Incase you do not accept these conditions, please stop using the SITE. The right ofthe SITE owner to amend at any time the information, forms and content that takesplace or will take place on the SITE, the SITE and the conditions of use of theSITE is reserved.

1.2. The owner of the SITE is MEHMET CEKIC ORTAOKULU resident in Suleyman Ayten Cad. No:38 Mamak/ANKARA.

1.3. All the natural and legal personsutilizing, whether charged or for free, from the services offered on the SITE and/oraccessing the SITE in any way, are deemed to have accepted the below conditionsof use. can amend the conditions designated in this "www.savethetomorrow.comWebsite Conditions of Use" at any time. Such amendments shall be published on theSITE periodically and shall be effective on the date of that publication. All thenatural and legal persons utilizing from the services on the SITE and/or accessingto the SITE are deemed to have accepted beforehand all the amendments made by ""on the provisions of this " Website Conditions of Use".

1.4. This " Website Conditions of Use" havebeen lastly amended (Version 2.0) and published on the SITE on www.napolyon.comand accordingly has been made available and effective for access by every user ofthe SITE. This " Website Conditions of Use" is also an integralpart and parcel of all kinds of agreements made or to be made with the users toutilize from services and their business partners.


2.1. SITE:The web site on which severalservices and content designated by are provided and to whichon line access is possible.

2.2. USER(S): Natural or legal person(s)who access(es) on line to the SİTE.

2.3. LINK(S): Link(s) which enable(s) access via the SİTE to another web site,files, content or from another web site to the SITE.

2.4. CONTENT(S):Every visual, literary,audio image such as information, file, picture, number, price etc which is publishedfrom or to which access is possible from the SITE and/or any other web site.


3.1. is completely free to decide the pricefor the services and CONTENT which it enables access in the SITE.

3.2. The persons who utilize from the services provided by www.savethetomorrow.comand the USERS of the SITE can only make transactions on the SITE for legal and personalpurposes. All the legal and criminal responsibility of the USERS for the activitiesand transactions they do within the SITE lies on the USERS. Every USER accepts,declares and undertakes that he/she will not do any activities or transactions ormake public any written, visual, audio information of an infringing nature to therights of and/or a third party and that he/she is the soleright owner at the moment of disclosure to to use, process,store, express and disclose to third parties, in any way, every written, visualand audio information that he/she expressed to The USERaccepts and undertakes not to reproduce, copy, distribute, process the pictures,texts, visual or audio images, videos, files, databases, catalogues and lists withinthe SITE or by such actions or by other means compete directly and/or indirectlywith

3.3., its affiliates, employees, administratorsand authorized resellers shall have no responsibility for the services providedand the CONTENT issued within the SITE by the third parties. Undertaking of theaccuracy and legality of the information, CONTENT, visual and audio images providedand issued by any third party is under the sole responsibility of that third does not undertake and guarantee the security, accuracyand legality of the services and CONTENT provided by third parties.
3.4. USERS shall by using the SITE conduct no activity, the other USERS or any third parties. www.savethetomorrow.comshall have no direct and/or indirect responsibility for the damages that any thirdparties suffer or might suffer resulting from the activities that the USERS makewhich are against the law and the provisions of this " WebsiteConditions of Use"

3.5. USERS accept and undertake that the information and CONTENTthat they have provided to within the SITE are accurateand lawful. shall have no liability or responsibility toinvestigate the accuracy of the information and CONTENT transmitted to www.savethetomorrow.comor uploaded, modified or provided on the SITE, shall haveno liability or responsibility to undertake and guarantee the security, accuracyand legality of such information and CONTENT.

3.6. USERS accept and undertake not to conduct any activities withinthe SITE that would result in unfair competition in accordance with the provisionsof the Turkish Trade Law and not to perform any acts that would infringe or offensethe personal rights or would harm the personal and commercial reputation of www.savethetomorrow.comand any third parties.

3.7. reserves the right to change at anytime, the services and CONTENT provided within the SITE. www.savethetomorrow.comcan use such right without making any notice or giving any time period. USERS areobliged to urgently make the changes and/or corrections requested by changes and/or corrections requested by can be madeby, if deemed necessary. The legal and criminal responsibilitiesand the damages that occur or might occur because the USER does not make the changesand/or corrections requested by are solely the USER's.

3.8. may provide LINKS on the SITE to websites and/or CONTENTS and/or files that are not under the control of www.savethetomorrow.comand that belong to third parties. Such LINKS are provided for reference only, theydo not have the purpose of supporting the related web site or its operator and theydo not have the quality of a declaration or a guarantee in any kind of the web siteand the information it includes. shall have no responsibilityconcerning the websites, files and CONTENT accessed via the LINKS on the SITE, theservices or products provided from the web sites accessed via such LINKS or theCONTENT of such services or products.

3.9. can make useof the information transmitted by the USERS to it from the SITE in accordance withthe "Privacy Policy" and the provisions of the agreements it has made with the USERSand the other parties. can process, classify and maintainon a database such information. Additionally can use theinformation regarding the USER or the visitor such as his/ her identity, address,electronic mail address, telephone number, IP address, which parts of the SITE he/shehas visited, domain type, browser type, date, hour etc. in the context of the has made with the USERS, business associates and partiesand for the purposes of statistical evaluations or providing private services.


4.1. The information which can be accessed within this SITE andwhich have been legally provided by the USERS and all the elements (including butnot limited to design, text, image, html code and other codes) of this SITE ("'sCopyrighted Works") are in the property of and/or used under a license from a thirdparty by USERS do not have the right to resell, share,distribute, display services, informationand's Copyrighted Works and they cannot allow others toaccess or use the services. Except for the situations in which www.savethetomorrow.comgives explicit permission in the context of this " WebsiteConditions of Use", USERS cannot reproduce, process, distribute or cannot make orprepare adaptations of's Copyrighted Works.

4.2.  Except for the situations in which www.savethetomorrow.comgives explicit permission in the context of this " WebsiteConditions of Use", all the rights of in accordance, the services, www.savethetomorrow.cominformation,'s Copyrighted Works, www.savethetomorrow.comtrademarks, trade name and all other assets and informationit provides via the SITE are reserved.

5. AMENDMENTS TO THE CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE SITE can amend this " Website Conditionsof Use" unilaterally and in full discretion in any time by making an announcementon the SITE. The amended provisions of this " Website Conditions of Use" shall becomevalid on the date of their announcement. This " Website Conditionsof Use" may not be amended by the unilateral declarations of the USER.


In cases which are legally deemed as force majeure; shallnot have any obligations for not fulfilling or for fulfilling in an imperfect orin a delayed way this " Website Conditions of Use" or theprivacy policy. These and similar cases shall not be deemed as delay, imperfectfulfillment, unfulfillment or default and no indemnification obligation shall occurfor for these kind of cases. Force majeure shall be interpretedas the inevitable cases which happen outside the reasonable control of the concernedparty and which could not avoid although it has shown thenecessary attention. Happenings including but not limited to natural disasters,riots, war, strikes, communication problem, infrastructure and internet failures,electrical power cuts or bad weather shall be deemed as force majeure.


In the application and interpretation of this " Website Conditionsof Use" and in the management of legal relations in the context of this "www.savethetomorrow.comWebsite Conditions of Use" where there is an element of foreignness Turkish Lawshall be applied except for the Turkish rules of conflict of laws. Istanbul CentralCourts and executive offices shall be the competent jurisdictions for any conflictsthat occur or might occur in the context of this " WebsiteConditions of Use".


This " Website Conditions of Use" shall become effectiveon the date that it is announced in the SITE by USERS shallbe deemed to have accepted the provisions of this " WebsiteConditions of Use" by using the SITE. may amend the provisionsof this " Website Conditions of Use" at any time. Such amendmentsshall become effective on the date that they are published on the SITE by designatingtheir version number and amendment date.