Project Partners : Bulgaria

School Name
General secondary school "Vasil Levski"

School Adress
"Third March" St 15

School Telephone Number
+359 51422765

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About School ( short description of the school)
Our school is General secondary school “Vasil Levski” , town Dolni chiflik, region Varna, Bulgaria. Here are taught 807 students from 6 to 18 years old. The school is located 18 km away from the coast and 40 kilometers away from the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna.

The region is famous for its beautiful scenery, rich history, preserved customs and traditions. “Vasil Levski” is a school with 131 years of history. It is the successor of the first school established in Dolni chiflik founded in 1884/1885 year. This is the largest school in Dolni chiflik. The school has good facilities and equipment: 3 equipped computer rooms and interactive board.

The school is headed by a principal – Mrs. Mariya Hristova and three deputy principals, a pedagogical advisor and 59 teachers.

School management, teachers, students and parents work together on various projects to make school an attractive place for young people. There are many classrooms and extracurricular activities, which aim is to satisfy the interests of students and developing their skills.

In Bulgaria, dangerously are increased the number of early dropouts from school. These are children who remain without education and prospects for development.

At General secondary school “Vasil Levski” are trained a large percentage of students who are at risk of dropping out early. These are children from poor families for whom education is not a priority; of minority children who drop out early education, children whose parents work abroad and kept by adult family members; children with many absences and poor grades. For them school management, teachers and school (parent) board are strived to make the school attractive and give them a good start in life.