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Kaunas Versvu Secondary School

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Musos g. 6 LT-47176 Kaunas

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About School ( short description of the school)
Kaunas Versvu Secondary School is located in the second biggest city in Lithuania, 100 km away from the capital city Vilnius. It has almost 800 students and 75 teachers. The majority of pupils attending the school family socio-economic status is the average. School pupils for a 100% gain secondary education, 80% of graduates continue their studies at universities and colleges.

The history of Kaunas Versvu Secondary School dates back to 1919, when Versvu Primary School was opened in a rented 15 m2 room in Versvu village situated near Kaunas. After World War II the Primary School was reorganized into progymnasium. In 1952 it became Secondary School and in 1989, after the revival of Lithuania, the school got the name of Veršvų Secondary School.

School cares for the community culture, seeks exclusivity. Values education, preservation of traditions, tolerance education, non-formal education (music education, choreography, sports education, arts education, drama) are of great importance at school. There is a successfully working career education center at school. We are proud of the successful implementation of the Olweus program for reducing bullying, active participation in national and international projects. We are ELOS school so implementation of European and International dimensions are very important at our school. School encourages students to develop their interest in science and culture; learn to think critically and express their views, to present arguments in different fields of science; interact with their peers from abroad; develop knowledge about studies programs and job opportunities in Lithuania and foreign countries; participate in international projects, get to know European countries, their culture and education system, studies and work possibilities, peers life and interests abroad.

School is open for changes, innovations, constantly looking for new attractive for students teaching/learning methods and opportunities. One of them is international cooperation and collaboration, international projects that are very beneficial for both – students and teachers.

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