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Mehmet Çekiç Ortaokulu (Coordinator)

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Aşık Veysel Mah. Süleyman Ayten Cad. No:38 Mamak / ANKARA

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About School ( short description of the school)
The school was established in 1990.

Philanthropy late Mehmet name with a Çekiç to provide services for the purposes of primary education.

Primary is the first of the schools opened in 1992, was added to the kindergarten. Sporting activities, 2001-2002 Turkey in the second volley; 2002-2003 Turkey has also handball and football competitions between schools in addition to the first degree. In the field of education in our school in order to announce the name; Launched in school-wide arts, literary activities in the district, provincial and national level to work to spread; further increase our success in the entrance exam to high school in teaching initiatives will be pursued in earnest.

Mr. Mehmet Çekiç, the founder of our school, in the Village of Köseler Beypazari district of Ankara on March 3, 1926 was a miller's child was born. He graduated from elementary school in the village. Came to Ankara and worked in various jobs without discrimination. After rising rapidly in the commercial area was finally decided in the contracting profession.In 1951 he married Mrs. Nermin. This unique charity and has been recognized throughout the human life with the love that people hear. And he called his Çekiç to the village where Mehmet Primary School, as well as road and built the fountain was born. Did not hesitate to complete the permanent an interest, such as missing a father take care of the child.

Mehmet Çekiç, spent her life on September 30, 1992 as a result of a heart attack. It struggled throughout his life, is a reflection of human love in his heart.